Hello! Do you need help with researching your family history in England or Scotland?

Perhaps you’ve got lots of information yourself and need it tidying up or a book to be created?

Or maybe you’ve come to a dead end and can’t get any further?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Research done for you

I can help you by:

  • Sorting through the existing information and photographs you already have.
  • Finding your English or Scottish ancestors.
  • Identifying and visiting places they lived or worked and taking photographs.¬†
  • Creating a personalised family tree report and chart with significant information about individuals
  • Getting copies of birth/marriage and death certificates (where available)

Personalised books and more

  • ¬†Creating a printed and / or electronic book about you and your family history
  • Organizing visits for you and your relatives to the UK
  • Arranging a presentation of the search results/report/book (online or in person)

Latest genealogy blog posts

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About Emma Cox

I have traced my own family history back to royalty in the 12th century and to sugar plantations in the Caribbean, Huguenots in France, Maltsters in Somerset and to bishops, barristers and judges across England.

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