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A Few Forgotten Women

Following on from the recent Journeys into Genealogy podcast interview here are the details of the “A Few Forgotten Women” project.

Elizabeth Beckwith, one of the forgotten women discussed in the podcast interview
Elizabeth Agnes “Lizzie” Beckwith

The “A Few Forgotten Women” project is run by a group of friends who seek to preserve the memory of some women of the past whose stories might otherwise be lost. Without meaning to, family historians often focus on the men on their family tree. It is usually the men who carry on the surname, the men who join the armed forces and who are more likely to leave wills, to vote or to rent property, thereby leaving a trail in the documentary record. Merely by virtue of her gender, a female can become overlooked.

Some woman are further on the margins than others and this project focusses on those whose lives were touched by issues such as poverty, illegitimacy, criminality, disability, alcoholism, prostitution, abandonment or mental ill-health. Often, several of these conditions go hand in hand, impacting on the lives of the women whose stories we seek to tell. Other women were less marginalised but lack descendants who can preserve their memory; they too find a place amongst our biographies.

A Few Forgotten Women website

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