Family Genealogist, Historian and Researcher

I’m Emma Cox and I love history.

Since studying the Tudors and Stuarts at school many years ago I’ve always had an interest in where I came from and who my ancestors were.

I’ve become the custodian of our family history and have thousands of photographs and many different family trees. 

I interviewed older members of the family to help identify some of the people and places in the photographs. I’ve visited Taunton in Somerset and handled 17th century wills and old paperwork and found plaques in the local churches with my Cox ancestors names upon them.

I have lots of journalists, writers, publishers, lawyers, members of parliament and bishops amongst my ancestors.   

Another, a botanist named William Cattley, was the first to identify the ‘Cattleya’ orchids which are named after him.

If you are looking for assistance with finding out more about your own family tree, I can help you. Please visit the Genealogy Research in the UK page to find more more. 

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Emma Cox - Genealogist and Researcher

Emma has traced her own family history back to:

  • William the Conqueror, King of England in 1066
  • Huguenots (Gentilhommes Verriers) in France in the 1600s
  • Malsters and Wine Merchants in Somerset in the 1500s
  • Scotland in the 1700s
  • and even to an Aunt of Fletcher Christian of Mutiny on the Bounty fame (her 6th great grandmother) and there is still more to discover!
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