Solving longstanding mysteries

I had heard Emma talk on the details she uncovered about her relatives, and was intrigued to learn more about my own.  I had some vague knowledge about my family tree including memories of my great grandparents and remnants of stories told to me by my parents, but nothing tangible apart from names and some indefinite idea of dates and possible locations of birth.  I had already started inputting this information into a family tree software but I had come to a dead end and was feeling frustrated.  In particular I wanted to know more about two of my great grandfathers, both of whom had met an intriguing fate.

Using the scant information I was able to provide, Emma was able to research and uncover a great deal of information, not only about the two relatives in question, but about other ancestors.  However, it was the two gentlemen about whom I was most curious.  Emma was able to provide me not only with details of their parentage, date and place of birth, and professions, but crucially where and how they had died.  A full report was provided for each, cross referenced with birth and death certificates as well as newspaper articles.  And, in the case of the great grandfather who was lost during the great war, details of the medals awarded to him as well as an article describing how the ship he was on befell its fate.  I was delighted with the material provided.  Not only did it put to rest some long standing questions I had over these relatives, it also enabled me to feel a closer connection to them. I cannot fault the level of service provided by Emma, which went well beyond my expectations.  She is a very professional, diligent, knowledgable and thorough genealogist and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

AG – Sussex

Guinness links

I have been keen to search my ancestry tree for some time especially when my father, now deceased, said we were related to the Guinness family.  That was why I was interested in my ancestry.  Then came along Emma Cox who I met at a Zoom networking event and wow was I impressed with her skills.  In a couple of days she said I was indeed a nephew of William Guinness, founder of the famous brewery, and “is your 5 x great uncle” (and I don’t even drink his beer)!  The Guinness link comes from my great grandmother Josephine. Thanks to Emma, I now have a family tree of some 145 and it is really fascinating reading about them.  So if you want to explore your past going back centuries, Emma is your person.

Michael Eve – Surrey