Have you taken a DNA test with Ancestry or MyHeritage and don’t know what to do next? 

It can be very confusing to suddenly have hundreds, if not thousands, of potential relatives when you receive your DNA results. I can help you sort, manage and interpret your DNA results.

  • Explaining how DNA is inherited
  • Explaining how ethnicity works and what you have inherited from whom
  • Working with you to identify which side of the family the matches are from
  • How closely you are connected
  • Checking Ancestry Thrulines to see who are common ancestors
  • Reaching out to living relations to find out more about them and exchange information
  • Adding them to your tree
  • Creating a report showing your genetic ancestors (the people who share DNA with you)

If you would like to discuss this please contact me to find out more about how I can help you with DNA.

And if you haven’t yet taken a test, click on the image below to buy your test from Ancestry (this is an affiliate link for which I receive a small commission) and let me know if you would like my help.

DNA woman
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