Do you have British ancestors? 

Do you need help with genealogy research in the UK?

Would you like to find out more about your family history?

I can help you locate people and places and put together a family tree going back generations, until as far as records allow.

Do you know where your ancestors came from?

There are lots of different places in the UK to find out information about your family, some of it is available online and some of it has to be viewed in person and by appointment only.

It can help you identify specific individuals or family trends. So you can find out:

  • What they did
  • What talents you may have inherited!
  • Where they lived
  • What land and property they owned

Charts showing ancestors, descendants, relationships, documented facts and more. 


Reports showing significant individuals as well as surnames.

Books or a website

Your family tree could become a book (printed or electronic) or a personal website for your family.

Visiting places your ancestors have lived or records offices

I can arrange visits within the UK to find birth places, graves or to view genealogical resources including birth registrations, marriage and death notifications alongside wills and estates information.

Examples include:

  • Family history going back to English and European royalty in the 12th century.
  • Creation of a book of press cuttings dating from the 1920s from a London barrister’s court cases
  • An 80th birthday celebration book and presentation with family photos from 5 generations
  • Creation of a website showing family history and significant ancestors including Member(s) of Parliament, Lord(s) of the manor, lawyers, bishops and magazine and newspaper publishers.
  • Tracing US and Canadian roots back to the UK 
  • Mayflower ancestry
  • Research into the Marine Industry in the UK and links to the Caribbean.
  • Sugar, tea and coffee families in India, the UK and the Caribbean.
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Christening from 1664
Taunton St Mary Magdalene
Miss E Fonblanque (National Portrait Gallery)
Example celebration book cover