Various packages are available to help you with your family history. Please enquire for more details.

Examples include:


The creation of a family tree report and chart showing 4 generations (where the information is available) and including your own images and any found online where available.


  • Family tree report showing 4 generations back from yourself. This could include up to 48 people where the information is available.
  • A chart showing the family relationships and images of each family members – if scanned images are available (if not then these can be posted to me and I will scan them for you)
  • A summary of any significant facts identified about each member.
  • In a personalised presentation folder.
  • £250

NB The amount of information discovered is dependent upon what is publicly available. I can incorporate any research you have already done into this report.

If you would like copies of birth, marriage or death certificates these are charged separately at the General Register Office fee of £9.25 each.

Artisan Package

Artisan + Book

If you would like the Artisan report turned into a printed book + electronic version then add £100 to the above price. Extra printed copies are available at additional cost.

Artisan Package + Book

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