My own Huguenot research story and can I help you?

As a Huguenot descendant myself I am fascinated by Huguenot research. I have run online workshops for the Huguenots of Spitalfields “Starting your Huguenot research” and “Digging deeper into your Huguenot ancestry”.

Alongside these I have been researching my own ancestors on and off for around 25 years. During this time more information has been digitised by various online sources and I have gradually expanded what I have discovered about them.

baptism of Antoine Fonblanque, part of my Huguenot research
Baptism of Antoine Fonblanque (later Anthony Fonblanque) as found on

I have collated the Huguenot sources that I used to find out more about my family. These include Old Bailey records (very interesting reading about the theft of juniper berries!), the National Portrait Gallery, Google Books and several others.

Francois Grenier - Knights of Malta
Francois and Jean de Grenier and the Knights of Malta

Can I help you find out about your Huguenot ancestors?

I am a fellow of the Huguenot Society and the Huguenot Library contains quite a few family histories amongst other information. I am also a member of the Norfolk and Sussex Family History groups – both places where Huguenots settled in England.  

I also subscribe to Geneanet and (available in French and English) both of which I have found useful for locating ancestors born in France.

If you would like me to do some digging into your Huguenot ancestors please contact me.