Welcome to the Journeys into Genealogy podcast. 

Conversations with genealogy experts, historians, museum curators and people with interesting stories. Sharing research tips, how to look after heirlooms, help with writing family stories and much more. Each episode is around 30-50 minutes (some are slightly longer). Two (and sometimes three) episodes are published each month.

Topics and Interviews include:

  • Birth, marriage and death registrations with Antony Marr – Nov 2021 (56 mins)
  • Writing family stories with Natalie Pithers of the Curious Descendants Club – Nov 2021 (45 mins)
  • Heirloom jewellery – listen to Jacqui Larsson for tips on what to do with your jewellery and how to look after it – Jan 2021 (39 mins)
  • Book and photographic album conservation with Anne Bancroft of the Victoria and Albert Museum – May 2021 (50 mins)
  • Children’s toys with Will Newton of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood – March 2021 (23 mins).
  • Finding and recording family stories – listen to Sas Huntwood – Feb 2021 (35 mins)
  • What to do with inherited research
  • Visiting local archives
  • Family History Magazine – a conversation with editor Helen Tovey – Feb 2021 (33 mins)
  • Tips for getting started – listen to Kath Kirkland for tips on getting started with writing your story – Nov 2020 (35 mins)
  • Military history and photographs with Graham Bandy – April 2021 (48 mins)
  • Clothing and our ancestors with Steph Wood – May 2021 (40 mins)
  • What’s available in the National Archives and the British Library
  • The benefits of joining a local family history society with Ivor Normand of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society – July 2021 (34 mins)
  • Researching Irish Ancestors with Fiona Fitzsimons – Oct 2021 (42 mins)
  • Researching in Scotland with Chris Paton – Aug 2021 (45 mins) 
  • The Huguenot Society
  • The Huguenots of Spitalfields – who they were and how they are still influencing society today – listen to Charlie de Wet – Feb 2021 (41 mins)
  • Reading old handwriting and wills – listen to Kerry Baldwin – Nov 2020 (39 mins)
  • DNA – what can you discover and what should you consider before you take a test – listen to Libby Copeland – Jan 2021 (41 mins)
  • One Name Studies – listen to Ken Toll to find out more about one name studies – Jan 2021 (47 minutes)
  • Adoption – Anna White shares her adoption journey -June 2021 (45 mins)
  • Online resources including Ancestry and the British Newspaper Archive
  • The Mayflower Voyages of the 1620s
  • Inherited emotions
  • Inter-generational trauma – listen to Kimberly June – Mar 2021 (43 mins)
  • A history of Southwark Park, a green oasis in London which has hosted temperance meetings and political rallies – listen to Pat Kingwell – April 2021 (1h 7m) – well worth listening to as it is the first park in South London and has a fascinating history.

If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your expertise or stories please contact me.

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