Welcome to the Journeys into Genealogy podcast. 

Conversations with genealogy experts, historians, museum curators and people with interesting stories. Sharing research tips, how to look after heirlooms, help with writing family stories and much more. Each episode is around 30-50 minutes (some are slightly longer). Generally two (and sometimes three) episodes are published each month.

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If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your expertise or stories please contact me.



  • Researching Migration to Australia with Ruth Graham – July
  • The Gentleman’s Magazine with Julian Pooley – June
  • Wayward Girls with Stephanie O’Connell – June
  • Researching Jamaican Ancestors with Wendy Aris – May
  • Researching Ancestors in Australia with Ruth Graham – May
  • Preserving the Past with Melissa Kitchen – April
  • Pryor Wives with Vanessa Wood – April
  • Researching New Zealand ancestors with Sarah Hewitt – Mar
  • Angel Meadow with Dean Kirby – Mar
  • East Surrey Family History Society with Hilary Blanford – Feb
  • Researching ancestors in South Africa with Natalie da Silva – Feb
  • Storytelling with Bridget Badoe McQuick – Jan
  • Unravelled with Fanny Mills – Jan


  • Round up of 2023 and what’s coming in 2024 – Dec
  • Dead Fred with Joe Bott – Dec
  • Genealogy fun with Sindi Terrien – Nov
  • ProjectKin with Barbara Tien – Nov
  • Researching Cornish family history and the Cornish disapora with Lesley Trotter – Oct
  • The Family History Federation with Ian Waller – Sep
  • The Surname Society with Kirsty Gray – Sep
  • Researching in archives with Maxine Willett – Aug
  • English trade, merchants and bankers with Perry Gauci – Aug
  • German handwriting and migration with Claudia Strachan – July
  • Researching ancestors in British India with Mike Trenchard – July
  • Buried Secrets with Anne Hanson – June
  • The Walloons with Sandra Robinson – June
  • ShipIndex with Peter McCracken – May
  • DNA Painter with Jonny Perl – May
  • The Muse of Freedom with Jules Larimore – Apr
  • A Few Forgotten Women with Janet Few, Mandy Geary, Margaret Roberts and Ann Simcock – Apr
  • The Dress Diary of Mrs Anne Sykes with Kate Strasdin – Mar
  • The Last Lancer with Catherine Czercawska – Mar
  • Researching Female Ancestors with Emma Jolly – Feb
  • Researching Occupations with Sophie Kay – Feb
  • Researching Welsh ancestors with Gill Thomas – Jan
  • Researching Italian ancestors with Julie Goucher – Jan


  • Celebrating 50 episodes, a round up of 2022 and looking forward to 2023 – Dec
  • Researching theatre ancestors with Mish Holman – Nov
  • Researching aristocratic ancestors with Anthony Adolph -Oct
  • A DNA story and non parent event with Lezlee Liljenberg – Oct
  • Postcard and Photography with Karen Sawyer – Sep
  • Heirloom hunting with Chelsey Brown – Sep
  • House Histories with Melanie Backe-Hansen – Aug
  • Cemeteries and Graveyards with Celia Heritage – Aug
  • The Beresford Family and Bedgebury Park with Neville Gallagher – July
  • Paul Chiddicks on blogging and the Old Palace School Bombing – June
  • Maps, the Ordnance Survey and digitisation with Chris Fleet of the National Library of Scotland – May
  • Karen Cummings of Pharos Tutors talking about the courses they offer – May
  • Mick Henry and the farming diaries of Nicholas Oxley in Sussex in the early 1800s – April
  • Scrapbooking – recording and bringing your ancestors to life with Jeanne Pope – April
  • David Rigby and the SOE with James Rigby – March
  • Stories of Yorkshire with Natasha Houseman – March
  • Storyfile  – turning videos into conversations with Heather Smith – Feb
  • Fletton, brickmaking and one place studies with Sadie McMullion – Feb
  • Census records (inc 1921) with Dave Annal – Jan
  • 18th century towns and local politics with Jon Rosebank – Jan


  • Birth, marriage and death registrations with Antony Marr – Nov
  • Writing family stories with Natalie Pithers of the Curious Descendants Club – Nov
  • Researching Irish Ancestors with Fiona Fitzsimons – Oct
  • Researching in Scotland with Chris Paton – Aug
  • The benefits of joining a local family history society with Ivor Normand of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society – July
  • Adoption – Anna White shares her adoption journey -June
  • Clothing and our ancestors with Steph Wood – May
  • Book and photographic album conservation with Anne Bancroft of the Victoria and Albert Museum – May
  • Military history and photographs with Graham Bandy – April
  • A history of Southwark Park, a green oasis in London which has hosted temperance meetings and political rallies – listen to Pat Kingwell – April (1h 7m) – well worth listening to as it is the first park in South London and has a fascinating history.
  • Children’s toys with Will Newton of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood – March
  • Inter-generational trauma – Kimberly June – March
  • Finding and recording family stories – listen to Sas Huntwood – Feb
  • Family History Magazine – a conversation with editor Helen Tovey – Feb
  • The Huguenots of Spitalfields – who they were and how they are still influencing society today with Charlie de Wet – Feb
  • Heirloom jewellery – listen to Jacqui Larsson for tips on what to do with your jewellery and how to look after it – Jan
  • DNA – what can you discover and what should you consider before you take a test – Libby Copeland – Jan
  • One Name Studies with Ken Toll – Jan
  • Writing and Publishing your family history with Amanda Davey – Jan


  • Tips for getting started – listen to Kath Kirkland for tips on getting started with writing your story – Nov
  • Reading old handwriting and wills – listen to Kerry Baldwin – Nov
  • An interview with author Kath Kirkland – Nov
  • A conversation with Jane Muddle – funeral celebrant – Nov

If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your expertise or stories please contact me.