Welcome to the Journeys into Genealogy podcast. I will be having conversations with other genealogy experts, sharing research tips, sharing stories, telling client stories and much more. Each episode will be around 30-40 minutes (and some will be shorter). Episodes are broadcast twice (possibly three times) per month.

Topics and Interviews include:

  • Tips for getting started – listen to Kath Kirkland for tips on getting started with writing your story – Nov 2020 (35 mins)
  • Heirloom jewellery – listen to Jacqui Larsson for tips on what to do with your jewellery and how to look after it – Jan 2021 (39 mins)
  • Book and photographic album conservation with Anne Bancroft of the Victoria and Albert Museum – May 2021 (50 mins)
  • Children’s toys with Will Newton of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood – March 2021 (23 mins).
  • Finding and recording family stories – listen to Sas Huntwood – Feb 2021 (35 mins)
  • What to do with inherited research
  • Visiting local archives
  • Family History Magazine – a conversation with editor Helen Tovey – Feb 2021 (33 mins)
  • Military history and photographs with Graham Bandy – April 2021 (48 mins)
  • What’s available in the National Archives and the British Library
  • The benefits of joining a local family history society
  • The Huguenot Society
  • The Huguenots of Spitalfields – who they were and how they are still influencing society today – listen to Charlie de Wet – Feb 2021 (41 mins)
  • Reading old handwriting – listen to Kerry Baldwin – Nov 2020 (39 mins)
  • DNA – what can you discover and what should you consider before you take a test – listen to Libby Copeland – Jan 2021 (41 mins)
  • One Name Studies – listen to Ken Toll to find out more about one name studies – Jan 2021 (47 minutes)
  • Online resources including Ancestry and the British Newspaper Archive
  • The Mayflower Voyages of the 1620s
  • Inherited emotions
  • Inter-generational trauma – listen to Kimberly June – Mar 2021 (43 mins)
  • A history of Southwark Park, a green oasis in London which has hosted temperance meetings and political rallies – listen to Pat Kingwell – April 2021 (1h 7m) – well worth listening to as it is the first park in South London and has a fascinating history.

If you are interested in being a guest and sharing your expertise or stories please contact me.

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