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Heirloom Jewellery

After a very informative conversation with Jacqui Larsson, about heirloom jewellery there were so many tips shared that I decided to write a blog post about them. To listen to the podcast click on the image below.

The amazing brooch shown above is the Hershel one Jacqui mentions in our conversation.

Before you do anything with the jewellery you have inherited

Go to an expert. They will tell you whether it is worth doing anything with the piece you have inherited.

Check the hallmarks. Everything has to be registered and it will give you more information such as the quality and who made it.

Check the settings and ensure they aren’t loose so stones don’t fall out. If it needs repair take it to an expert.


If you don’t like it, think about re-purposing it if it has sentimental value. Inherited jewellery speaks of two people – the giver and the receiver so if it isn’t to your taste (or modern styles)

Or sell it and put the money towards something you would really like or which would help you in some way. I did this with my grandmother’s rings many years ago, I sold them and bought my first computer which launched me on my career and she would have been very pleased to know of it.

There is a market for ‘estate jewellery’. Keep boxes and anything that will help to authenticate it and they form part of your family story.

Caring for your heirloom jewellery

  • Diamonds love grease so avoid hand cream.
  • To clean use a toothbrush and some washing up liquid (e.g. Fairy Liquid) and give it a scrub.
  • Do not put emeralds into electro sonic cleaners as they will be damaged.

Online Resources to help you with jewellery

And if you’d like Jacqui to repurpose or create new heirlooms for you please visit her website.

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  1. Sue

    Interesting! I have several bits of jewelry I inherited from my dear Mum . I’ve done some research and it would prove very costly to remove gemstones from a ring for example. So I’ve decided to sell a ring I have and put the money towards a scarf ring I’m having made. A High Street jeweller will charge upwards of £200 to repurpose an item of jewelry. It wasn’t easy to find someone to do it for me but eventually foud a lady in Crowborough. I’m really looking forward to seeing the result.

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