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What is a one name study?

A one name study is research into all occurrences of a single surname and its variants. It could be focused on a geographical area (country/county/area) or the descendants of a particular person or couple. It’s up to the researcher to choose.

Once setup, the researcher commits to answers questions from anyone interested in the name/people contained within.

It can also be run alongside a DNA surname project.

I have recently joined the Guild of One Name Studies to find guidance on how to setup and administer a one name study. Membership is around £25 per year.

There are over 2,600 members of the Guild spread across the world. Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and help others.

My own one name study – Fonblanque

My grandmother was a de Fonblanque and I have decided to do my own one name study on Fonblanque/de Fonblanque.

I have setup a new website where I will share my current Fonblanque research and knowledge. This will change significantly as I add more information.

Once I have collated and sorted more information then I will register my study with the Guild for a small fee. They will also keep a mirror of my website if necessary.

If you are interested in setting up your own one name study I would be very happy to share what I have done so far (and I’d love to work alongside someone else doing their own one name study). If this is you please get in touch.

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